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This page contains a list of tasks that need to be done on the wiki. If you're unsure what a specific item means, ask in the #wiki-discussion channel on the Discord.

If you don't yet have a wiki account and want to help, join the Melvor Idle Discord and direct message Malcs (aka MrFrux)#6454 or Falterfire#7778 about getting an account.


Projects are larger goals that will likely take a decent amount of time to complete. If you finish one of these, please mention it in the Discord and remove it from this list.


We currently have Navboxes for a few different categories, such as {{CombatNav}} and {{PotionNav}}, but there are a lot of page types that would benefit from them. The list below includes several examples of navboxes that would make good additions, but is by no means complete:

Skill Guides

At present we only have guides for a few skills (for example, Crafting/Training and Smithing/Training). We could use guides for every skill that does not currently have one.

Maintenance Tasks

Maintenance Tasks are smaller things that tend to involve proofreading and touching up of existing pages. As such, the items on this list are more open-ended rather than things that can be truly finished.

  • Check Category:Out of Date pages, update them if necessary, and then update the template call on the page to the newest version.
  • Check Category:Pages with broken file links and fix missing images if needed.
  • Update pages such as the Money-Making Guide or the FAQ to weed out answers that are obsolete and update ones that are out of date.
  • Look through existing Guides and refine the formatting or add additional information.