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The Chef is the sixth NPC in the Thieving (skill).svg Thieving skill. On successful pickpockets players receive 55 XP and up to Coins.svg 160.

Chef (thieving).svg
Requirement: Thieving (skill).svg Thieving Level 50
Max Hit: 40
Experience: 55 XP
  • Coins.svg 1 - 160

Normal Drops:

Rare Drops:


For each successful pickpocket from this NPC, Coins.svg 1 - 160 will be looted.

In addition, there is a 75% chance that one of the following items will be obtained:

Item Price Chance
Shrimp (item).svg Shrimp Coins.svg 2 1/6 16.67%
Sardine (item).svg Sardine Coins.svg 5 7/48 14.58%
Herring (item).svg Herring Coins.svg 10 1/8 12.50%
Trout (item).svg Trout Coins.svg 20 5/48 10.42%
Salmon (item).svg Salmon Coins.svg 43 1/12 8.33%
Lobster (item).svg Lobster Coins.svg 81 1/15 6.67%
Swordfish (item).svg Swordfish Coins.svg 100 1/30 3.33%
Crab (item).svg Crab Coins.svg 168 1/48 2.08%
Shark (item).svg Shark Coins.svg 337 1/240 0.42%
Total: 3/4 75.00%

The items obtained by the average successful pickpocket attempt are worth Coins.svg 21.62 if sold.

Including GP and assuming Bobby's Pocket (item).svg Bobby's Pockets are sold, the average successful pickpocket is worth Coins.svg 135.45.

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