Cabbage Seeds

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Cabbage Seeds
Cabbage Seeds (item).svg
No Description
Item ID: 145
Category: Farming
Type: Seeds
Sells For: 10
Item Sources:
  • Killing: Junior Farmer (monster).svg, Adult Farmer (monster).svg, Hill Giant (monster).svg
  • Opening: Bird Nest (item).svg, Standard Chest (item).svg
  • Pickpocketing: Bob the Farmer (thieving).svg
Used In:

Loot Sources

Source Name Source Type Quantity Chance
Junior Farmer (monster).svg Junior Farmer Monster 1-3 12.00%
Adult Farmer (monster).svg Adult Farmer Monster 1-5 16.97%
Hill Giant (monster).svg Hill Giant Monster 1-10 18.25%
Bob the Farmer (thieving).svg Farmer Thieving 1 8.79%
Bird Nest (item).svg Bird Nest Chest 1 13.86%
Standard Chest (item).svg Standard Chest Chest 1-20 7.68%