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The Bank is where your items are stored. The bank can be sorted using the "Quick Sort Bank" button or by clicking and dragging items. The "Search Bank" input can be used to look for specific items. Clicking on an item opens a menu with various options depending on the item. All items have the option to be sold for gp. Weapons, armour and food can be equipped to be used in combat, or to assist with skills. Bones can be buried to gain prayer points if the player has more than 10. Mastery tokens can be claimed to earn a random mastery level for their corresponding skill. Certain items can be upgraded into other items.

Bank Slots

When you start the game, you only have 8 bank slots available. The player can buy more bank slots in the Shop. The cost for bank slots gets increasingly more expensive until they cap out at 4 million gp each at 120 slots.

Melvor Idle version v0.18.2 (Released: 6th January 2021)
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