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[[File:Astrology (skill).svg|thumb|right|Astrology]]
[[File:Astrology (skill).svg|thumb|right|Astrology]]
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{{Otheruses|the {{PAGENAME}} skill|training the skill|{{PAGENAME}}/Training}}

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This article is about the Astrology skill. For training the skill, see Astrology/Training.

Astrology is a skill that provides passive buffs to various other skills in the game similar to the Agility (skill).svg Agility skill. Modifiers will be unlocked as you level up your mastery in each constellation, and can be re-rolled by spending Stardust (item).png Stardust or Golden Stardust (item).png Golden Stardust.


Acquiring Stardust

Both Stardust (item).png Stardust and Golden Stardust (item).png Golden Stardust are exclusively obtained from Astrology. Both are acquired at random while studying constellations, where Stardust and Golden Stardust drops with a 1% and 0.20% chance per action respectively.

The rate at which stardust may be acquired can be increased by:

  • Decreasing the action interval - The Secret Stardust Potion IV (item).png Secret Stardust Potion reduces the action interval by 3/5/10/15% depending on the potion's tier. Note that since the potions themselves use Stardust as an ingredient, maximising the Herblore (skill).svg Herblore preservation and doubling chances before creating any of these potions is highly recommended.
  • Increasing the drop chance
  • Increasing the drop quantity - Equipping the Astrology Skillcape (item).png Astrology Skillcape provides a +1 bonus to the quantity of both Stardust and Golden Stardust that is dropped.


When unlocked, each constellation will initially have a single standard modifier star unlocked. Increasing the Mastery.svg Mastery level of a constellation will unlock additional stars (and therefore additional modifiers), up to a maximum of 3 standard modifiers and 3 unique modifiers per constellation.

Each modifier will start with a random modifier and value out of the possible modifiers available for that constellation, where the list of possible modifiers for a constellation can be viewed either within the constellations table or in-game by clicking Explore followed by View Possible Modifiers on the constellation.

Rerolling Modifiers

Modifiers can be re-rolled in order to change both the modifier itself and value of the modifier. Re-rolling standard modifiers costs Stardust (item).png Stardust, while re-rolling unique modifiers costs Golden Stardust (item).png Golden Stardust. The cost of re-rolling always applies and cannot be avoided with preservation chance modifiers. For any constellation, re-rolling may be performed for all standard or unique modifiers at the same time at a cost of 1 stardust per roll, or individually at the cost of 30 stardust per roll. The cost of re-rolling modifiers individually may be halved to 15 stardust when the player reaches the 95% Mastery pool checkpoint.

When rolled, the value of each modifier is a random whole number between 1 and 5 inclusive, with larger values being less common than lower values. The chance of rolling each value can be found in the Reroll Chances section of this page.

Due to the low chance of rolling a modifier with a value of 5 re-rolling all modifiers until each has the maximum value of 5 is discouraged, as doing so would require a significant amount of both Stardust (item).png Stardust and Golden Stardust (item).png Golden Stardust. Instead, consider the following strategy:

  1. Decide on a minimum acceptable value (say 3% or 4%).
  2. Re-roll all standard or unique modifiers until at least one of the modifiers is one that is desirable to the player with at least minimum acceptable value.
  3. Individually re-roll the other standard or unique modifiers until they also become modifiers that the player desires with the minimum acceptable value. Ideally, individual re-rolling should only occur after the 95% Mastery pool checkpoint has been reached due to the significant stardust saving this will bring.

Mastery Unlocks

Item Mastery Unlocks

Level Unlock
20 Unlock another Star (Unique Modifier)
40 Unlock another Star (Standard Modifier)
60 Unlock another Star (Unique Modifier)
80 Unlock another Star (Standard Modifier)
99 Unlock another Star (Unique Modifier)

Mastery Pool Checkpoints

Pool % Pool XP Bonus
10% 550,000 xp +5% increased Astrology Mastery XP
25% 1,375,000 xp +1% chance to find Stardust
50% 2,750,000 xp +0.2% chance to find Golden Stardust
95% 5,225,000 xp -50% Cost to reroll specific Modifiers
Total Mastery Pool XP 5,500,000


The skillcape can be purchased from the store for Coins.svg 1,000,000 after the player reaches Astrology Level 99.

Skillcape Name Effect
Astrology Skillcape (item).png Astrology Skillcape +1 to base drop quantity of Stardust and Golden Stardust from Astrology.


The pet can be unlocked by doing any Astrology action.

Pet Name Effect
Astro (pet).svg Astro +0.1% chance to find Golden Stardust


The bonuses listed below are the maximum possible. The actual value will between 1 and 5. The chance of each result can be found in the Reroll Chances section of this page.

Reroll Chances

Whenever a bonus from a Constellation is rolled or re-rolled, the value of the bonus will be between 1 and 5. The odds of rolling each value are listed below:

Value Chance
This Value This Value or Greater
1 50% 100%
2 30% 50%
3 15% 20%
4 4% 5%
5 1% 1%


The Secret Stardust Potion reduces the interval for Study actions.

Potion Tier Charges Effect
Secret Stardust Potion I (item).png I 5 -3% Astrology Interval
Secret Stardust Potion II (item).png II 10 -5% Astrology Interval
Secret Stardust Potion III (item).png III 15 -10% Astrology Interval
Secret Stardust Potion IV (item).png IV 25 -15% Astrology Interval

Skill Boosts

This table lists most sources of Astrology-specific modifier boosts. For a list of boosts that apply to all skills, see the Skill Boosts page. This list does not contain boosts provided from Mastery.svg Mastery rewards.