Air God Dungeon/Guide

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This page is up to date (v1.0).

Why clear Air God Dungeon?

Aside from it being the sole supplier of gear for idling the Water God Dungeon (dungeon).svg Water God Dungeon, it has the following notable drops:

Gear to idle

Due to the Combat Triangle, it's recommended to beat the Air God Dungeon with Combat.svg Melee because the enemies here are Ranged (skill).svg Ranged and Combat.svg Melee.

The following build can idle the dungeon with Hitpoints Level 88. Check your own setup with the Combat Simulator or Can I Idle to be sure that you won't die.

Item Slot DR%
(G) Ancient Helmet (item).svg (G) Ancient Helmet Head 7%
(G) Ancient Platebody (item).svg (G) Ancient Platebody Body 7%
(G) Ancient Platelegs (item).svg (G) Ancient Platelegs Leggings 7%
(G) Dragon Boots (item).svg (G) Dragon Boots Boots 6%
(U) Ancient D-hide Vambraces (item).svg (U) Ancient D-hide Vambraces Hands 6%
Infernal Cape (item).svg Infernal Cape Cape 4%
Elite Amulet of Defence (item).svg Elite Amulet of Defence Neck 2%
Silver Diamond Ring (item).svg Silver Diamond Ring Ring 1%
Dragonfire Shield (item).svg Dragonfire Shield Off-hand 8%
Total 48%

If you have more DR or HP than needed, use preferably Ring of Wealth (item).png Ring of Wealth or otherwise Aorpheat's Signet Ring (item).svg Aorpheat's Signet Ring to increase the number of drops.

If you have Fury of the Elemental Zodiacs (item).svg FEZ (3% DR) use it instead of the Elite Amulet of Defence (item).svg Elite Amulet of Defence (2% DR). If you don't have any of them, use Gold Sapphire Necklace (item).svg Gold Sapphire Necklace, but you really want at least Elite Amulet of Defence (item).svg Elite Defence to idle this dungeon.

Weapon choice

The simulation was done with the given default build on Hardcore.svg Hardcore. All combat levels are equal to 85 aside from Hitpoints (skill).svg Hitpoints. No prayers, no potions, no any other buffs.

Weapon Clear time (s) Buff compared to previous Crab (item).svg Crabs per hour
Dragon Sword (item).svg Dragon Sword 3210 0% 1330
Dragon Claw (item).svg Dragon Claw 2930 9% 1320
Sunset Rapier (item).svg Sunset Rapier 2350 20% 1300
Ancient Claw (item).svg Ancient Claw 2190 7% 1300
Infernal Claw (item).svg Infernal Claw 1970 10% 1295

As a result, it is suggested to settle on the Ancient Claw (item).svg Ancient Claw or at least Sunset Rapier (item).svg Sunset Rapier because the Infernal Stronghold (dungeon).svg Infernal Stronghold cannot be idled with the presented gear without DR prayers and poitions, therefore the Infernal Claw (item).svg Infernal Claw is unreachable for now unless you want to farm it manually with the Ancient Claw (item).svg Ancient Claw for around 4.5 hours.